At Brewpub, we have a high-quality 10-liter two-tank fermentation system that includes seven 10-liter fermentation tanks, a 1-liter brewhouse, and two 1-liter auxiliary fermenters. To ensure the quality of our beer, we use a state-of-the-art reverse osmosis water filtration system, an automatic double-head keg cleaning machine, and a walk-in refrigerator where we store daily ingredients and more than 500 20-liter kegs to keep them cold and fresh. This commitment to quality ensures that you always enjoy the freshest craft beer at Chaba! In just three years since our establishment, we have produced over 1245 hectoliters of beer. At Chaba, we focus on integrating and innovating Yunnan flavors into our beers. Our beers reflect the creativity and knowledge of our brewers, who draw inspiration from local ingredients in Yunnan, including fruits, spices, mushrooms, and tea. For example, during mushroom season, we offer "Little Miss Mushroom," and we also offer "Forever Pu’er," which contains Yunnan's famous Pu'er tea, as well as "Flat White Rabbit," which is made with Yunnan coffee beans. 酿造工艺 门店拥有10公升双罐发酵体系,包含七个10公升发酵罐和一个1公升糖化设备,还附带两个1公升辅助发酵罐。它们还应用了最先进的反渗水过滤系统、一台自动双头小桶清洁机和一台步入式冰箱,用于储备日常食材和超过五百个20L酒桶。这也是为什么在岔巴,你永远可以喝到最新鲜的精酿啤酒!据数据统计,「CHABA岔巴精酿啤酒」创立三年内,门店酿造的啤酒总生产量已超过1245百公升! 在产品上,岔巴坚持对云南风味的融合与创新。每一酒款,都蕴藏着酿酒师的心意和智慧,酒款灵感很多来源于云南当地盛产的食材如水果、香料、菌菇、茶叶,比如菌子季推出的“菇毒少女”、“岔巴天茶地酒” 加入了云南有名普洱茶叶,“岔巴澳白兔”加入了云南咖啡豆等这些云南特色也带到酒款里。